Payment Builder

You are in control

The Most Accurate & Powerful Online Retailing Platform

Auto retailing is not easy. Doing it online isn't any easier. But Payment Builder has all the data you need to sell cars, including:

  • Taxes and Fees applicable to every zip+4 in the country
  • OEM Rebates with stackability rules
  • Live Rates and Residuals from the lenders you use
  • Direct Integration into CDK Websites, Desking, Credit and CRM as well as other automotive CRM systems

Payment Builder was built for dealers so it can support nearly any pricing scenario. And dealers have complete control over everything in the back end.

Why payment builder?

  • VIN-Level Accuracy

    Save time and avoid entering offer details manually for each VIN. Payment Builder ensures accurate Finance, Lease, and Cash offer details for your entire inventory across VSRs and VDPs driving higher engagement rates.

  • You Control the Gross and Profitability

    Simple-to-configure payment calculations including down payment percentage or dollar amount, GM Financial and additional lenders, rates, credit tiers, money factors, trades, taxes and fees.

  • Industry Leading Configurable Solution

    Easily match your store's pricing and desking strategy. Add your own In-House or Special Finance lender information. Include accurate taxes and fees based on shopper zip code. GM Cash Incentives are included automatically per VIN.

  • Consumers Bring the Deal to You

    Consumers work their payment right on their phone or tablet and bring the deal to you. Saves time in store to complete the sale. Alternatively, shoppers can submit their deals from your website. Deals are fed into any CRM solution with all the deal details.

  • The Price

    Payment Builder is the LOWEST PRICE solution in the market due to the GM-negotiated volume discount and is co-op eligible.

How does payment builder work?

Payment Builder Adds Three Game Changing Features To Your Sales Workflow
Merchandise Payments

Puts unique and accurate dealer controlled payments front and center

Dynamic Payment Builder

Enables shoppers to build an accurate deal and submit it to the group or dealer

Front Office Integration

Faster sales, no multiple logins and no duplication of data entry

Why chase leads when your team can work deals?

Drive ready-to-purchase buyers to your showroom by allowing shoppers to shop the way they want to shop!

of retail shoppers prefer a dealer that offers Payment Builder capabilities.